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For various personal reasons I cannot commit any more time to this forum after 5 years and I also think that it would be good to let newer members have a say in its future so that it has a chance to carry on for another 5 years.

If you can commit a small amount of time to help out on here and want to see the forum continue please drop me a PM or an email ([email protected])

The bare facts are that if there is no one to run the forum then it will have to close. When I am backed into a corner and have to look at closing it people say please dont close it, well its your chance to offer to help out.

I will still fund the site but thats it as I dont have a SEAT anymore so there is no personal reason other than the fact that there are some decent peeps on here to keep this forum open



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Hi Si Im willing to help in any way you need my time is limited but let me know what you need and I will help out it would be a pleasure to give something back after some meeting some really true friends.....
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