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a temporary fix is to leave a tape in the tape player, sounds weird but it works! it probably needs a refurb :( although I have heard somewhere about people replacing a unit behind the stereo costs about £130 and that apparently fixes it, but I dont know exactly what the part is, you might be better off actually speak to a SEAT garage apart which part it is as its quite a common problem with the mk3's

You can get it done for £47 inc VAT & return postage, all you have to do is contact them to make sure they can refurbish your H/U and then post it!!

They aim to get it back to you in 10 working days.

GTS Intermedia Services Ltd
Unit 36, Woodside Park
CV21 2NP
01788 570088

I'd give them a call :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts