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Found this in this months of Fast Car (i need something read on the beach on my hols, plus it had an article about a 1.4 Ibiza :D

Anyways i've taken a pic with my web cam, u can see the silver strut brace but i doubt u can see the comment on it so i will type it out.

Price : £130
Contact : EUROTEK - 0208 480 7715 - [email protected]

"Looking neater than a freshley trimmed bush, this suspension-mount stiffening device, from Stroeve, takes strut brace cosmetics to a new level.

As well as having a highly polished bar with super-smooth welds, the mounting points are hidden under two screw top housings - dead trick :rolleyes: ("trick" come on we aint spotty teenagers!) No drilling or cutting is required to fit this beauty (see they even made it muppet proof Lee :D Just remember it goes on the rear suspension not the front :D ), and while most Golfs, Polos and IBIZAS can currently benefit from the extra rear stiffness, a range of front braces will soon be available too."

I wonder is Si can work his magic and get us some group discounts or something, thats is of course if any of u lot are intrested, personally im not intrested in such a part for my car as i dont have real need for it, but i know there some of u hardcore modders out there who would love to have one of these! So front it to Si and lets see if he can pull some strings! :elo:

mk2 ibiza rear will go on a mk3 ,also we measured on @gti national day from a polo and that will also fit if the brace is adjustablethis one had 3" adjustment
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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