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Road Angel 2 Review
Author: Marvin

Took delivery of my new Road Angel this weekend (ordered from WGSEAT at the cheap cheap price!). Just updating the database, but first impressions are good.

The display is nice and clear, if a little bright on dark roads with no street lighting. Very easy to use. Will try it in a few locations on the dash before I settle on a position to hardwire it.

The beeping and voice take some getting used to, especially if the Blackspot warning is activated...when you're doing 'excess' speed on the motorway and it goes off, boy does it make you hit the brake!!

So far, so good...


Have had the Road Angel 2 for about 3 months now and thought I should update my thoughts/experience with it.

As a piece of kit it is fine, well made, easy to use etc. However, I have a couple of issues which have prompted me to decide to get rid of it!

Problem 1: The blue backlight is too bright for me. If you do mainly town driving or roads that are lit, it will not be a problem. The brightness cannot be adjusted and on dark unlit county roads it is too bright and I find very distracting.

Problem 2: The unit can take sometime to acquire the satalites if left for more than about 1 hour - this is all listed in the manual etc. However, you either have to risk driving while it finds the satalites or sit there and wait. Coming back from Guildford recently on a road i don't know, the unit was still acquiring the satalites when I went through a speed camera - luckily the car in front spotted it and braked, forcing me to.

Problem 3: The unit is hardwired and below the centre console in the cubby hole - no probs here. Everytime i switch the ignition on the unit says "Road Angel!!!" really loud which is novel at first, but really starts to pee you off if you are in and out of the car alot during th day!

Problem 2 was the final straw and it is now up on ebay for anyone interested.

If you can live with the backlight and are patient enough to wait for it to fire up, it's fine - just not my cup of tea!
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