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Road Angel Review
Author: Slicker

Spent nearly an hour with Hunter Abbot at talking about the options that wew available to me. First of all I must say a big thank you to Hunter who was a great help and was able to answer all the questions that I threw at him - Cheers hunter.

So - I decided to go for the Road Angel.

The main reason that I opted for the Road Angel over the Snooper S4 is the fact that once my free subscription is up (12 months) I can pay a one of £99 for a lifetime subscription, then I have to pay nothing else after that to use it.

So, after I had said my goodbyes to hunter, I decided to plug the unit into the car to see if it did what it really said it would do. Hunter said that there was a database on it but it was about 4 months old. So, I plugeed the unit in and it took about 30 seconds to lock onto the satelites and off I went. Within about 10 minutes it started beeping and flashing at me, and sure enough there was a Gatso just round the corner. Very good start!

As I was just trying the unit on the way home I used the anti-slip mat that is provided with it to put on the dash. I must say that this didn't really work all that well, what with the bumps and the twisty roads I was on. So, when I got home, I used the bracked with the suckers on it to stick it to the window. This works much better and holds the unit nicely in place with it still being very easy to remove.

Got the unit home and took it out of the car so I could get it registered. It comes with a USB lead so just pluged the unit in and downloaded the software from Then the website asked me for my serial number. That was it. The only problem is that because I did it on a Saturday - it took slightly longer than the advertised 24 hours to complete this process. It was done by 11am Monday morning.

So far. All the Gatso that I have passed, the Road Angel has given me plenty warning of the danger ahead. Also, it has given me no fals alarms.

The unit shall detect.
  • All fixed speed cameras - Including Gatso, Truvelo and SPECS.[/*]
  • Mobile roadworks cameras - Temporary Gatso and Truvelo.[/*]
  • Your own personal danger areas. - Input with the buttons on the Road Angel.[/*]
  • Your own mobile camera sites - Areas known to be monitored.[/*]
  • Regulated roadworks - Fixed and average speed measurement areas.[/*]

Here are some pictures of the unit fitted in my car.

If you want any more information on the Road angel - give me a should.

For information on prices and other products. Speak to Hunter at
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