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Bit of a strange thing happening with my central locking on my Seat Alhambra 2006 2Tdi . The key will not open the car from the drivers side lock so I'm having to use the boot lock to open it. Nothing happens and no sound when I turn the key in the drivers door lock. The central locking works fine from the boot lock including locking the drivers side door. I can't use the button on the key either to lock/unlock and I've tried re-sync'ing the key and changing batteries / using the spare etc but it still does not operate the central locking. The red light blinks on the drivers door so I think a signal is getting through. I took it to a garage and they couldn't say for sure if it was the drivers door lock which was at fault or the central locking? I know the wiring can be an issue on the Alhambra doors however if power wasn't getting to the drivers side lock I would have thought it would not work at all, and it works fine when using the boot lock. If it's the central locking at fault, I would have thought none of the doors would lock as it's strange that the drivers side lock doesn't work and the boot lock does. If it's a sensor fault then I'd expect the drivers side door to still work when manually using the key.
Any advice on the would be greatly appreciated,
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