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So out of nowhere about 2 months ago my battery died. When I turn the key, just a clicking noise. Used jump leads, after a couple of minutes of reving we tried to start it, still just clicking, another couples of minutes, still the same so obviously totally dead/very flat. Left for 10 minutes and it started. Went for a 20-30 minute run and it's been fine since.

Today my car started as normal to drive the short distance to town. When I started the car in town, there were 3 long beeps, no warning lights, apart from this it started as normal. Made a couple of stops around town, each time the 3 beeps happened.

Note that it is not the bell chime sound that happens when the temperature is 4°c or under.

When I stopped at my next location, I sat in the car trying to Google a diagnosis. Many suggestions as I expected but commonly mentioned was low brake fluid. I checked the brake fluid level, was kinda close to the min mark but not there yet. After checking brake fluid, the car started without the 3 beeps. Great I thought, must have been the sensor in the brake fluid reservoir, I stopped the engine and went to do what I was doing.

30 minutes later, I went to start the engine to go home and the battery was so low that the car wouldn't start. The engine was turning over but not starting and could hear it struggling. Only tried this once as to not run the battery any lower. I enlisted a fellow shopper's help to jumpstart. Tried after about a minute and it started immediately.

One thing I noticed was that when the battery died today, the clock and trip counter reset as if the battery had been disconnected. This did not happen the other time the battery died even though the last time the battery was obviously more dead as it wouldn't even turn over, just click.

Any idea of the cause? Are the 3 beeps a warning that the battery is low? I don't think this happened the previous time the battery died. I don't think the battery is that old, still looks clean.

I make short 2-3 mile or 7 mile journeys often but also work 20 miles away so do long runs often too.

A typical work day would be 20 mile run to work, 20 mile back then in late arvo/evening a few short 2-7 mile trips. A day off would be just numerous 2-7 mile trips, no 20 mile trips.

I live with my parents so often spin to a nearby viewpoint 2-3 miles from home for personal space, reading or whatever. I can sit here for an hour or 2 then drive home. This could happen a few times a day.

With the engine OFF

I regularly use the radio or speakers via aux for up to 2 hours

I periodically charge my phone, and I mean periodically. Once or twice a week.

I use the interior lighting but I wouldn't say excessive or anything out of the ordinary. Max 15 mins

As someone with no real knowledge on the subject, i would have thought this kind of use is within normal range of a battery and alternator system?
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