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Having recently purchased this vehicle we are unable to remove the roof bar supports. Although the car manuals were supplied with the vehicle the roof rail/bar manual was not.

Removing the roof rails was straightforward - after discovering that the securing fixing could be undone using an Allen key. But we can't figure out how to then remove the roof rail supports.

Can anyone give us some tips, or maybe supply a copy of the manual for this equipment?


- does leaving the roof rails in place adversely affect fuel consumption?

- what options are there for fitting a roof box to this vehicle? Standard roof boxes do not fit the Cordoba roof rails, and kits with adaptors do not specifically claim compatibility with the Cordoba Vario profiled rails.


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Leaving the roof rails on will affect your Mpg.
Must admit - not sure about the supports - can your local Seat dealer help?

There may be a cover on the support or on the roof trim which hides a bolt - they must be bolted on somehow to take the weight.

That's all i can think of :confused:

Cheers and welcome
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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