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Hi all, this is my first post so thanks in advance for your help. Forever now I've had an engine warning light on and garages refuse to do anything or tell me what it is, so I bought my own fault reading device and it has told me the problem is ETS - P242A - Bank 1 - Sensor 3. I turned and engine on, with the sensor plugged in and messed around with the power inputs to various parts of the engine...I easily found sensor 1...but not the others. I need to find sensor 3 so I can see where to unplug from the power and where the sensor screws into the exhaust.

At this stage it's easier for me to buy the part and it myself, than to pay a garage to not fix it again (getting bored of the issue!). Please can someone point me in the right direction of exactly where to find the sensor. I am happy to take a photo!

I think it's something like this:


Please can someone highlight where on this photo this sensor is?

I have an MOT due very soon and so I would like to get it fixed ASAP!

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