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The Ibiza Mk IV (codenamed 6L and marketed in the United Kingdom as the Mk IV) is the second model to be produced under Volkswagen Group management and is a much more focused car. Build on the Polo 9N platform. Strongly built around a sporty, performance image and designed by Italian Walter de'Silva, the model line up contains a selection of hot hatch variants, topping out with the FR and Cupra amongst the rest of a strong product line. The performance end of the range is helped by the lack of Polo hot hatch variants (the Polo GTI was launched in 2006).

The much improved, aggressive styling has boosted this model ahead of the family-friendly styling of the Polo in the hot hatch market. It is also the largest Ibiza to date, with room for five adults, and a spacious, if rather short, boot. The standard trim level on this model is noticeably higher than previous models.

This is regarded by some magazines to be the best supermini, with What Car? calling it their best supermini for three years in a row.

The 2006 model made slight aesthetical changes to the body both on interior and exterior, but keeping it very similar to the 2002 original model. It also introduced engines with increased power (1.2 16V and 1.4 16V) and a new 1.4 litre TDI diesel version.

SEAT launched a new advertising campaign to follow the new model with the slogan "The rituals are different, the spirit is the same". It depicts four individuals each on a different colored SEAT Ibiza, performing different activities inside their car before actually starting it. The campaign sends a message that all people are different, but inside we all have a "sporty spirit".
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