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Seat Ibiza Sport - K&N Induction Kit Review

Finally, thanks to SEATenthusiasts working with K&N, we now have a fully original and manufactured K&N induction kit for the Ibiza Sport!

The story goes...

I couldnt find an air filter for my Ibiza 1.6 S and after much hunting and contacting companies, I realised that nobody made one and that it was getting quite frustrating, as there are always mods for the cupra spec engines and not the N/A sport models.

So, after some calling about and a few referals, i got in touch with a guy called Dave, who worked at K&N in Warrington. I arranged for my sport to go into their workshop for the day and for it to be used as a donor vehicle so that they could design and make a kit for that particular engine.

The car went in and i met with Dave and discussed the plan of action. I was given a courtesy car for the day(fully fuelled) with a rather large K&N sticker across the sides of it and was told to return by 4pm.

Upon arrival, i got out of the car only to hear my sport being rolling roaded at the rear of the building, so after some sneaking around i managed to get into the room and watch Dave and the car in action.

I saw the makings of the intended kit and was told that it was needing a new bracket to be made and that my kit was going to be ready in about 6weeks. Also that i was to expect about 5BHP increase from the kit ;)

As i gift i was also given a replacement panel filter for the sport free of charge while i was waiting for the kit to arrive and they had also filled the car to the brim with fuel!!

So, 6 weeks later i was called and asked to return to Warrington to have the first ever manufactured kit for the car! :D I ventured to K&N as quick as i could and was there for about 30 mins while Dave fitted the kit for me and checked it all again. I was also given the full kit free of charge!! :3some: and they even used my car for the fitting instructions photo's!!

In all the car is much more responsive throughout the gears and especially at top end on the motorway. Since fitting, the car will easily reach 100mph on the motorway and as Mr Dibley and Si will confirm it can even get to 130mph given a clear stretch and enough room (private roads of course!!)which for a 1.6 is not too bad :rolleyes:

So far i am not too sure if the kit is yet for sale to retailers but i can definately recommend this mod to all owners of a Ibiza Sport.

Many thanks to Dave at K&N for this kit and the way the whole thing was handled....on a secret note, i over heard talk of a kit being made for the MK4 1.2 Ibiza too!

Here's some piccies...

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