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I own a 2002 Seat Leon TDI SE 110BHP and have had it for several years. It has always been serviced at a main dealer and has been totally reliable.

It has now covered 117000 miles and Mass Air Sensor recently failed. I changed this part with a 3rd party replacement from GSF. The typical symptoms of loss of power, no turbo etc were corrected, but I have been left with an annoying misfire.

If I pull away from a junction and change into second I get a misfire between 1800 and 2000 rpm the engine/turbo makes an ‘Err, Err, Err sound. After I pass 2000 rpm the car drives OK, if a little rough.

I have found if I start the engine and rev pass 2000 rpm the car will drive smother between this rev range.

I have changed the air filter, engine temperature sensor, fuel filter and the N75 valve. I have also run several tank fuels of fuel system cleaner through the engine. A Seat main dealer has also reset the ECU.

I would really appreciate any help with this problem.

Many thanks
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