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Should Cupra Si Do This Trail?

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After reading the extract below, please vote on whether Cupra Si should trial one. I think Cupra Si would be the only person suitable for this important article.

Extract from Honest John'n Column, Daily Telegraph Motoring Section, Saturday 17th. August.

"Knit Wit"
"It amazes me that car makers still use such shiny plastic surfaces beneath the windscreen when it must be obvious that drivers will be dazzled in bright sunlight (Fillip glass, June 29). However, there is a simple solution. For my last three cars my wife has knitted a plain rectangle of black wool, roughly 14x16in, which is attached to the top of the dash with double-sided adhesive tape. Being flexible, it adapts to most curves. It only takes about five minutes to fit and solves the problem permanently. I expect she would be prepared to accept commissions, if asked nicely."

I have the contact details if anyone wants them! :D
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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