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Hi there,

Happy New Year to everyone!

I‘ve owned my lovely Ibiza 8v GTI in Azul Cantabrico for 4 years now. By far the longest I’ve ever owned a car, I absolutely love it. I’m 52 and owned 47 cars So clearly chasing my youth!
I made the (big) mistake last year of removing the Seat Cupra Sport (Seat in blue, Cupra Sport in white) from the front wings and rear panel. They were getting a bit rough around the edges. I want to reinstate them now but can’t get hold of any.
I’ve tried everywhere to get these graphics, either NOS or reprinted, to no avail. I managed to get a shot of the decal from a car online, but the image is quite blurry.

So, I need your help. 1) Can somebody tell me where I can get originals, or 2) can someone send me a couple of really clear images so I can get them reproduced?

Appreciate you time…….thanks
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