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Looks like this site isn't big enough for us 2 Greeks Hey smiffie :)

Only joking guys! Im in Cyprus now Just got in the door set my laptop up and looked at all the threads :p Sad innit!

Ill be in Cyprus CHILLIN OUT (That means no Ayia freaking Napa :rolleyes: )

Ill try and get loads of pics of modded cars for ya so we can all have a looky at what the Cyps can do!

Dont worry ill keep in touch with u all guys! As i can't stand to be away from a computer for too long (what can i say i have no g.f. and im a nerd :( )

Anyways been travelling all day so im off to sleep with A/C as its flippin hot and its only midnight!

.........Im not Greek! Wot an insult! :rolleyes: :moony: :moony: :moony:

....don't worry about going Napa mate, it's turned into Brixton LOL

enjoy chillin old man :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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