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Ello all ...I've missed ya :moony:

Anyways, forgot to do a post sayin I was off (as if u cared anyway lol) now Im back!

Been Spain, stayin in Miroflores, in a mates appartment overlooking the med 400meters away .......nice!!!

...and stayed away from all the gay bars :love:


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Originally posted by Chris_20vT
Smiffy mate! How's it goin' dude?!

Good to see ya back here, hope you had a good holiday!! Any stories??? ;)
going good. Dunno if u heard, but there were actually 10 bombings out there and not just 2 like was published in the news. One was planted on a beach, & 4 days later police found it 2 meters under the surface!!! eeeeeek! Didnt wanna give that political group the media attention they were after. Scarey **** :(

Apart from that, all good & too many stories :) One was my mate who asked one morning after comin back late ....."is it still classified as a blow job if I couldnt get it up?" ROFL ....he was so amused himself he told the cab driver his story on the way home using sign language LOL

Also ....the main road there that runs along the coast is one of Europes most dangerous (dual carridge way)! A crash at least once everyday, and our cabby missed sum drunk woman running across it by 6inchs! Should have been dead! Mental!

Lots of SEATS though :) Wish I had a digi cam!


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Soz mate, I lied !!

Looks like I actually put a shout in for you while you were away (aren't i good ;) )

Have a look in the For Sale forum, at the 'Various Parts' thread.

Thats a :beer: you owe me ;)
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