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Just wondering mate if you are able to get stainless steal tubing at all?

I'm looking at needing some mandrel bent 70mm stainless tubing and then having it polished or chromed. Wondered if you could get it?



I can supply stainless pipe, I assume you mean 70mm outer diameter? For bends though I would need EXACT mesurements, angles and lengths. Cost would depend on if I could get hold of an off cut that would do the job or if I have to order a length in.

I'm having an intercooler pipe made up for the MR2 Turbo to replace the standard pipe, so I can utilise two dump valves, the protoype uses tapered sections welded together aposed to bends it's easier to do that than bend it apparently. Bending it requires a ball bearing being dragged through the pipe as the bend is applied, somethig like that!

email me with more info if you want an excat price.

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