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New to the forum and looking for some guidance on an issue with an 05 Altea 1.9tdi

About 5 weeks ago the TCS light illuminated intermitently accompanied by reduced brake performance with an occassonally sinking pedal. Around a week later the ABS light accompanied the TCS light and threw an error code suggesting the rear right speed sensor was faulty, this was replaced but the problem persisted. brake and power steering light and beeping, we ordered a new hub/mag pickup and parked the vehicle up. A week later the vehicle was started but the brake and power steering lights were iluminated along with a beeping and code 18057.

The fuses were checked and on attempting to start the vehicle the battery was flat and error , the battery was removed and charged. The new hub and pickup were fitted but the problem persists.

I don't have VAG COM. IS there anything I can test before getting a diag run?
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