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I did a lot of thinking today and finally got my head straight round a few things that were going on and thought that it would be best as the founder of this site to set out some ground rules that we can all follow so that we do not have a repeat of the past weeks events that have caused so many problems both on the site and in our personal lives.

The Committee below has been selected by me and the reason that I have a committee is so that we can better serve the members of this site and grow it as a bunch of people that can pull in the same direction and can communicate with each other.

We all need to trust each other in what we do and help each other out and follow the undermentioned set of rules, if one cannot do this and does not like me heading this site up then please email me and I will make you a Member of the site with the blessing of all of us and no bad feeling at all.

The Committee as at now will be:

Si Buckden
Chairman/Events and other stuff no one wants to do

Lee Cheung
Site Treasurer

Nicci Deftereos
Site Admin

Pete Stewardson
Vice Chairman/ICE Section

Discounts Section

Ladies Section


Tom Smith
London/Home Counties and Insurance

Andy Jones
SW Region and Links

Dave Mason
Scots Section/NSPCC

Dave MaGowan
Scots Section

Tom Bell
Central England

Matt G

Andrew Holloway

Matt Jones

Steve Johnson


Carl Brighton

Graham Dixon

The TBC ones are peeps that I am not sure whether to stay or go or whether we need the position that they are currently doing, to be honest we do not need moderators, we need people who are going to look after a section on the site and we can share the moderating between us.

I will speak to the people individually and see what they want to do.

There will now be no site Webmaster as it has caused conflict and problems and so Andrew and Matt should they wish to remain will be have equal billing as IT for the site and then there should be less problems, so the [email protected] will go and be replaced.

Okay the following is a set of guidelines that I would like us all to follow and it should make communication better and the committee work a lot better, please email me if there are any worries.

1. Any problems that now occur with people in the committee should be discussed in this section with an appropriate title and should remain in this section alone and all committee members will be involved. If a committee member is found to be discussing another committee member outside of this section then they will be asked to leave the committee. This way we can discuss problems with each other in here.

2. Any posts that have been deleted on the forum must be reported in this section with the circumstances behind the deletion posted. If there are problems with an individual on the site they will be discussed in here and a vote will be held as to what action shall be taken. The Chairman will hold the casting vote in a tie.

3. No further posts attacking an individual or a company or any swearing will be allowed on this site and that means ANY individual including the Chairman. Moderators will edit the post where necessary and inform the poster by PM why they have done this and the policy on the forum.

4. If you cannot move a post please report it in this section and an Administrator will then remove the post or edit it.

5. The site will now be copyrighted so any member of the committee that chooses to amend, change, take offline or take the site elsewhere will be removed from the committee and the chairman will take legal action to protect the site.

6. Where possible, all members of the committee are to welcome new members or post when there is a members birthday, at present some do this and some dont.

7. Any decisions regarding money or any other major decisions will be discussed in this committee area and if neccessary a vote will be taken and the outcome will be adhered to by all committee members.

8. Any IT updates or new ideas etc etc are to be reported to all members of the committee so that everybody knows what is happening, especially if there is a problem so that a committee member may place a post or a message informing the members.

9. Any additions to the committee are to be discussed in this area and if necessary a vote will be taken and the result adhered to by all committee members.

10. Any committee member communicating the contents of this section or any committee business with anybody outside of the committee will be removed from the committee.

11. Any other major issues are to be raised with the Chairman in the first instance and then the Vice Chairman in the second instance.

12. It is asked that committee members support other xcommittee members and do not just concentrate on their own sections and promote working together.

13. If you have posted a new thread in this section, please send an email to the committee email group and use the heading "New Thread In The Committee Section" so that everybody knows. These emails do not need to be replied to.

14. If an important email has to be sent round the committee, please do not reply and muck around as many of these emails go to peoples work and they get into trouble.

I think that this covers most of the bits and pieces that have come up over the last couple of days and if anybody has any additions then please be constructive and if anybody feels that they cannot adhere to these guidence rules then please leave the committee and no ill feeling will follow.

I would like everybody to have a SE email address and for us to use that for site business.

Unless anybody thinks its a bad idea, could we all have this email and what we do on the site to let people know and contact you directly so that it doesnt all go to the Webmaster or Info which i get :)

I would like to propose that Quarterly Meets are held in the chatroom and are minuted and kept and that an agenda is sent out before the meet so that issues can be raised.

Please could I ask that you support the site charity NSPCC and the work that we will do with them as It will be great publicity for this site.

Could we also not talk about ideas for the new site or ongoing projects on the main site so that the ********* spies can come over and copy more of what we have done.

Please could I ask that Matt and Andrew get together and come up with how they would like the updates to arrive so that it will assist in updating and if we can arrange for updating to be made easier then we can ease the burden and let you guys develop the site and forum. I would then like this posted on the site. Could we also all try and make an effort to do a few words every now and again on the news section telling peeps what we are up to and our latest updates.

I think thats about it for now, I hope that bridges can be built again and that we can now work as a team, what has gone by has gone by and there is no point talking about the past.

Many thanks for your time.

Simon Buckden
Chairman and Chief Tea Boy
SEAT Enthusiasts

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...very professional mate! Im impressed, that must have taken u ages to think out ....and then there's the matter of yur typing speed, or should that b lack of it :D

On a serious note, well done, happy 2 go by those *rules*

This site is still at infancy, so the mistakes can have allowances made for them at this stage :g

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Cheers mate .......... took me about an hour you muppet ;)

I think that they are not set in stone and I hope that everybody can reply this time ;)

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Dave .......... sorry mate as I said ti wasnt set in stone, I just thought that as you seem to be digging into the NSPCC stuff that you could help me out because I cannot cope with it at the mo and Events are getting neglected;)

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Sounds OK to me, would've been even better if my name was spelt right :swear: :elo:

Can I make a request? As we are all committee members, can there be one central email address where we all send mail to and then it gets distributed to the committee? Something like [email protected] would be good. We use systems like this at work and one email address will send emails to hundreds who are members of this group...can we do that on here?! It's just a pain to write everyone's email address in if you want to send a quick email about something.


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Will have to put that one over to the IT guys I think ...... Seems like a good idea Tom Balls sorry couldnt help myself mate did you see what time I wrote it?

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Guyt and Gals .......... I have been speaking to Andrew and he wants to resign from the committee because he feels that he does not have my trust and he feels blamed for the events with the site being taken away.

I can say that it was not Andrews decsion but that he acted on other members words and they have now apologised for their error of judgement.

We all need each other on this site and allthough Andrew some times runs off a little bit and we shout at each other, he is an integral part of the site.

I hope that as I said we start from here again and move on.


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Im personally not pointing fingers or harbouring bad thoughts about anyone on here, just wanting it to continue growing and ticking over nicely :)

I think it'd be a BIG loss 2 the site if Andy left :(

Just wanted to air my opinion.

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Well we need to move on now and a lot of the bull**** that has gone round has been caused by a lack of communication and thats what we are trying to address now.

There is no point dragging names up as it serves no purpose and I have already shagged up with Mike Kitson.

Lets just try and make sure that the points that I have raised can be adhered to as we are all adults less Carl ;)

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Alright guys ( and Si ;) )

I haven't posted until now because I wanted to have a quick chat with Si about something first. He has asked me to become the Vice Chairman which I am happy to do. Only if you see a modded Imperial Blue Leon in your local red light district then it's not me trying to get SE discounts OK... lol

I want to just point out two things. First I'm going to be watching for anyone on this site that is causing trouble, or potential trouble, with *********. And that includes Si. We don't need this and it has shown that in the past things haven't gone well. This needs to be put to bed now and I'll have words with anyone doing it. That includes posts on ********* as well, I don't post there anymore but I do check it.

The other thing is that I want everyone to feel they can talk to me personally about stuff on the site. If you have a gripe you don't want to post about in here for some reason and you don't want to talk to Si come to me. I know some find it very difficult to approach Si, for whatever reason, and I'm happy to pass any comments on. I'll do it anonymously if you really want. I'm hoping this offer will help people get gripes out in the open before things get silly. I don't envisage I'll have to do much work here ;) because we should all feel as if we can post things in here. But if not my door is always open, unless I is busy innit... lol

Anyway if you need to contact me just send a mail to my SE address, I pick it up as often as possible.


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I've been thinking long and hard about this and after reading what your expectations are of committee members, I do not have the time to commit myself to the site as much as I would really like to. It is with much regret that i find it necessary to leave the committee. :(

When I was first approached by you to become a moderator, I was thrilled but at the same time not sure what it would involve, now that there is committee it is not what I really expected. To be honest it is too much for me. Like I said I do not have the time as much as some people on the committee and I'm sure you will find an 'appropriate' person to replace me.

I would very much like to know your feelings on this as well as other members of the committee (that's if they have any) and hopefully I'll be able to see any responses made (for a short while).

I wish you all the best Si and to all Committee Members. I hope that once you change me back to 'member status' I will not be bad mouthed.

Take Care All,


P.S. I'll see you all at Trax!

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I think we are all in the same situation to a certain extent. Most of us have full time jobs that take up most of our time and we have lives outside this site. Well except me recently it feels like.. :)

Obvioulsy the choice has to be yours and I think I speak for everyone when I say there will be no bad feeling against you if you don't feel you can't be in the committee.

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