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Hi all

I used to own a 1999 toledo v5 which i really enjoyed apart from a few niggling issues. I now have a 1.8vti-s 5 door civic which is very nice but a little too expensive on the fuel and insurance. My fiance is 4 months pregnant and we have just moved into a rented 3 bedroom house. As money is extremly tight i am looking for a cheaper car to run however everything i'm looking at in the 2k price bracket seems really old, or boring...execept for a nice 1.6s toledo i have seen. I am used to fast cars and wonder if i'll struggle to enjoy the 1.6s as it only has 100bhp, i don't drive fast anymore and really want a smooth, safe car that seems fairly modern whith good economy.

Does anyone have any opinions on the 1.6 engine? Would the 1.8 20v be a better option or will that be alot more expensive to run. Money is going to be tight when the baby arrives but i would still like to have a reasonable car.

Any views/opinions on the 1.6 would be very welcome.


'99 Seat Toledo V5, Black, Norwich-Norfolk
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