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Just had ecu remap done on toledo Tdi 110 yesterday, by ODB Auto tune, based in Ballymena, N.Ireland. WOW!!! The difference is unbelievable!
Steve at ODB is a star, The advice was second to none, a real nice guy, and can even come to your house. He even found a fault with my airflow meter, found a replacement, picked it up, and installed for no extra costs!!
The performance is breath taking!! Not only is it quicker, but when driving normally, it's smoother, more responsive, just a pleasure to drive. And it just keeps getting better the more I drive it!! I tow a caravan through europe each year, so he used a map that is set up 4 towing. But trust me, even though running this slightly modified map, (the power delivery is more progressive), it still goes like a scalded cat!!! There will be a few shocked hot hatches out there for sure!!
Fuel consumption is about the same, but Steven assures me this will improve over next few runs.
So, If you were like me, and had a few niggling doubts, reliabilty etc, don't, just do it, well worth every penny!!
I cannot recommend ODB enough, great advice, great service, great result!!
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