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There's one or two competitions going to be at Trax raising some money for Charrrridy So we thought we'd list them here... ;)

First off a new one...

Sponsored by ICE CAVERN is a mini sound off competition.

Dead simple this, £2 to enter, and all proceeds go to the NSPCC as do all the other entry fees.

All you have to do is, play 2 specific tracks off of a CD I'll bring with me. And you score points for....

Upto 10 points for the Install it's self, if it's a DIY job, and upto 5 for a pro install. This helps even the score up a bit for those who've spent loads on it..

upto 5 points on Saftey. Fuses correctly installed, correct wiring etc... If anything dangerous is found then points will be deducted -3 being the lowest.

Upto 3 points for track 1. I won't listen to the whole track just a bit of it.

Upto 10 points for track 2. You'll be VERY surprised at how well this one can point out what you might want to look at improving.

OK so you'll probably HATE the two tracks, they are from the same artist, but the point is it should test out your system, isn't for the boom brigade, and should show the men from the boys...

I won't be entering, obviously being the sponsor, but feel free to give me a shout if you want to listen to it in the Leon.

Oh and in case anyone is thinking, "no I won't bother x has a bigger amp than me and a boot full of subs", this seriously isn't the point. I'm not saying what you'll be playing BUT I will tell you that at the moment I have NO subs in the car at all, and it makes little difference.

As for the prize, well it's not been decided yet but probably a roll of dynamat or similar.


PS Si will be adding the other compos here soon so have a look later..

Okay peeps, the show and shine competition will cost £2 to enter and all proceeds will be going to the NSPCC.

Anybody can enter this and there is a plaque for the winner and runner up.

The competition will be judged by and independent judge and the rules are pretty simple:

1. Clean Exterior
2. Clean Interrior

So get cleaning and remember that this is all for charity ;)

As long as we have a generator on the day we are hopeful of running a PS2 Competition, most probably a driving game and the winner will be the one with the fastest time.

There will be a prize of a PS2 Driving Game up for grabs!

Entry will be £2 and again all proceeds will go to charity.

Prize TBC

I hope that all these competitions are supported on the day ;)

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I don't want to be a killjoy but I'd be wary of running PS from a genny - I've seen some pretty delicate electronic equipment frazzled when running off a genny-supply.

Perhaps use an inverter?
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