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Various Dump Valve Reviews
Author: FezzR of ClubSE

Standard Bosch DV â€" Recirclating

This little black DV has a bad history. Bosch has modified it at least 7 times to try and stop the diaphragm inside splitting. When operating correctly the general feeling is that they are ok, some people can notice the difference between this and a piston type, other’s can’t. I would recommend changing it if your uprating the boost your car runs at.

Forge DV004 - Atmospheric

Si and I first started to trial the DV004 at GTI international. We chose Si’s car, as it was standard and mine cause it was chipped to make good comparisons. At first things looked good for the whooshy dumpvalve, it sounded excellent and looked the part but when we left Swindon the problems started. Si’s car was smoking and stalling and mine was idling erratically and stalling occasionally but after several spring changes we got some of that sorted. Si continued to run the dv004 for some weeks before deciding to take off the DV due to problems with smoke and to much power was lost. Mine was down on power too and had bad lag in between gear changes. My car would go into “safe” mode and shut down the turbo side of things until an ignition on/off cycle was carried out. Faults were also logged in the ECU fault memory.

End result: Failed

Forge DV006 â€" Recircilating

The DV006 is used by hundreds of 20VT owner’s across the globe; I did, before all these tests, run one on my own car because of its excellent reputation and durability. I have never heard a bad thing said about them actually. It can be stripped down and serviced very simply. They come recommended by nearly all-tuning companies as a definite upgrade along with a chip. It also has a lifetime warranty.

End result: Pass (with flying colours!)

Forge DV007 â€" Recirclating

The DV007 is the smaller version of the DV006, it will go unnoticed at most garages if you are worried about warranty implications, Its design and function is exactly the same as the 006. You cannot take the DV007 to pieces and service it like the 006.

End result: Pass

GFB â€" Atmospheric and recircilating

This was the dump-valve that was meant to give a whoosh as well as Recirclating enough boost to keep the ECU happy. It has an Adjustment screw that is used to pre-load the spring inside to make it compatible with engines running different levels of boost.

We trailed the GFB on a Standard Ibiza & Leon and a chipped Ibiza & Leon. It worked with no apparent side effects on the standard car’s, it sounded good and doesn’t seem to loose you any power. Unfortunately the Chipped car’s had problems. My would, as with the DV004, go into limp mode and bring on the Engine management light no matter what position the correction spring was in. It would also leak boost for no reason whilst accelerating which made it log faults. On the chipped Leon it was the same story.

End result: Pass on standard cars. Fail on Chipped cars.

Test continuing.

Update: After a 6 month trial on a standard and chipped Ibiza we have laid the GFB to rest, it caused high fuel consumption, stuttering and black smoke from the exhaust.

End result: Failed

TurboXS Type-H â€" Recirclating

This is a fully adjustable valve, remove the top and add the washers to adjust the spring rate, although we never needed to. A good alternative to the forge 007/6 and does the job nicely. Si is still running one on his car and after 2 months he has had no problems with it.

End result: Pass

TurboXS BOV-25 â€" Atmospheric.

Unfortunately we couldn’t get this valve to fit. The pipes on the Valve were too small.

Bailey - Recirclating.

Ive tried this valve for the past three months, its not caused any problems what so ever, much the same as the other Rec valves. Its finished in crome but is also available in anodised colours((like blue and red)

End result: Passed.

Contacts and thanks (Bailey) (all forge products) (turbo XS and GFB)
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