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Volkswagen Golf R32 Vs Ford Focus RS

Ive recently been lucky enough to drive both of these cars and just thought i would write a little bit about it,

Firstly the R32
In short i think that it has so much road presence with its huge wheels and brakes and open bumpers and i got much more looks in this compared to the focus.

I think the interior was stunning with leather seats, chunky steering wheel, and brushed aluminium everywhere.

Ive never myself been a fan of the 4 motion system but i think with the bigger wheels and lower suspension the handling was much improved compared to a standard 2.8 V6 4 motion and worked very well to put all that power down however i didnt really feel like i had to drive the car it was just a case of point and go. I wasnt so keen on the brakes as i feel they were slightly underpowered for a car of that size and power and the abs kicked in more than i expected.

Finally the engine, that 3.2 V6, well it did feel quick but not that much quicker than you would expect compared to the 2.8 V6, the engine sounded brilliant and there was power there whenever you needed it, although one thing i didnt like was a nasty burble at about 2000RPM which would become unbearable after a short time driving in that rev range

Now for the Focus RS
I liked what they had done to the RS styling but i dont think it really stood out compared to that of a standard focus, to any passer by it probably just looked modified to them with its wider arches and bigger bumpers and big 5 spoke alloys

I also think that the interior of the focus was a bit of a let down as it just looked very basic and tacky with a just a few bits of carbon fibre and leather chucked in to distinguish it from a standard focus

I really like the way that the focus drove and stopped thanks to those huge brembo brakes that done a brilliant job. I think that the driving position was also very good. i enjoyed driving this as i had to be engaged in it at all times so i wouldnt get thrown of the road due to its massive torque steer. I actually had to work to drive this and fight to keep it in a straight line which i really enjoyed as it grabbed my attention.

i think this engine sounded brilliant, it pulled hard and threw you back in the seat when the turbo kicked in but really there is too much power for a front wheel drive car as the tyres easily lost grip and were lighting up before you knew it. Even though it torque steered all over the road and followed every little camber of the road it was really fun to drive compared to the R32 as it demanded your attention at all times which i liked because i was actually doing most of the work and not the car.

i think out of these 2 cars i would have to say that i enjoyed the focus more even though its styling really did let it down especially when compared to the R32

(coming soon hopefully: comparison with 03 Subaru Impreza WRX)
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