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Good news for the site, we have Eric onboard who runs AAT a company that many may know for things that they have done with Polo's but he wants to help us on the SEAT side of life.

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Nice to be here. As mentioned I help run AAT (Advanced Autosport Technologies Limited) who try and supply everything for the smaller VWs although we have a Passat as a company car.... ;) A lot of our suppliers also do SEAT bits so here I am!!
Having spoken at length with Simon it appears that SEAT owners are not getting all the info on what's out there for your cars, we'll try and "spread the word" ~ if you end up buying from us great, if not I'm sure you will eventually, got to be optomistic haven't I?!?
Anyway enough of the plug, I'll start sorting some bits and bobs for testing out and see what we can arrange on the discount front :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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