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The events I am about to describe and show have unfortunately occured to me personally, to my turbo in my MkIII Ibiza Cupra, and I feel other enthusiasts like myself deserve to know the facts regarding what can happen to your turbo, if it is not treated correctly.

I took my car to a local tuner and had the ECU rechipped with a perforamce product. Now like other performance chips/remaps, the boost pressures put onto the turbo are increased greatly from the factory standards.
There are also a lot of tuners that retain safe boost pressures with their performance products.
I also was advised that my actuator had been wound out more than it should be, thus making the turbo boost more and longer.

What has happened due to these changes is:

The turbo is forced to work harder, thus produces more heat.
As you will see from the pictures below of my old turbo, the impellor vains must have got hot, and then also bent themselves back the wrong way and ultimately started to break up. Now this is very dangerous for the engine, those of you who know about engines will realise how dangerous this is, i.e. if you are very unluckly, you will need a new engine as a result, or as a minimum, have to replace your turbo like I have had to do and be very lucky.

I do stress that this is simply an informative thread for members to read, and I hope that it helps enthusiasts understand a little more what may happen, while trying to gain those not so importaint big figures.

Big output figures are possible, but I feel should be done in such a way as not to stress parts of the car to the point they break, ultimately costing more than getting the safer product upgrade that may costs a few pounds more, in the first place.

You are probably thinking, yeah so, there are loads of enthusiasts pushing big boost through turbo's and have no problems. Yes I agree but it will only be a matter of time I feel before they possibly could get problems of their own. I am not saying it will happen but it could happen, that's all.

I do not want to scare anyone away from modding their car as there are plenty of very experienced and quality tuners out there that do a brilliant job. I just want to make sure you are all aware of the possible consequences of doing the quick cheap fix to get more power.

Neither myself or any members of SE staff will answer any questions regarding names of products or tuners to do with this thread, but will discuss the material facts in this situation should questions arrise.

Lee & the SE team.
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