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The last couple of days I have been bloody busy and now I am having a break for a couple of days!

I have:

Brought Daniel onto the site and he will trial products with us (Volx Tecnik)

Arranged for AAT to do a Trial of the front and rear strut braces and also trial a set of competition Mintex pads for the Ibiza

Done the Plaques and paid for them for Weston and Trax

Sorted the banner out

Arranged for AAT to sponser the flyers or stickers (another cost out of the way)

Arranged Meeko to trial the Intercooler

Arranged a day at AAT where they will work with us to develop an intercooler

Arranged with AAT to have a track day near Birmingham for next year and one that I wanna make bigger than cupra ******!

Arranged for prices from 6 companies for stuff for the Mk3 Ibiza, Arosa and Leon to keep others happy!

Anyway, done a lot so I think I was having a stress or something :elo:

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Sorry mate I was just in a stress if you know what I mean! One f them moments!

Not saying that no one else is doing nowt cos we seem to be getting loads done!

Arrrgh I am off :moony: :swear: lol

Ignore me mate!
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