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I've just spent 20 mins searching for anything on this forum and i've seen 1 or 2 cases where the air con has made whining noises but this case is a little different!

I can hear a horrible whining noise, which is quite loud and I've only noticed it recently and have not done anything to the car so something must have happened without any change.

I cannot hear it at all when the A/C is off and engine revs fine; its mainly when slowing down and lowering gears. If I turn the fan setting up past the 4/5th or higher level I cannot hear it, I can hear it slightly on 3rd but much more on the second bar but cannot really hear it at all on the lowest fan speed; completely goes when off.

This has really started to annoy me and the whining gets louder with more revs but if you turn the knob all the way off it disappears. Its weird how it links to the engine revs?

Does anyone know what this is? HELP!


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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